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Using Negative Keywords In Google Ads

It is important that you maintain a high clickthrough rate for your ads.  This makes your Google Ads more efficient, but is also a requirement of the Google Ad Grants program.  One of the most important ways that you can ensure a high clickthrough rates for your ads is to ensure that the ads are only shown to your intended audience.  Negative keywords are one of the best tools that you can use to make sure that your ads are not displayed to those they are not intended for.  Often people will do a broad enough search that it will match your ad keywords, but you know by the search that it is not truly a good match for your ad.  You can go into Google and find the search terms that people used that triggered your ads and for any that are not really relevant, you can ad them to a negative keyword list or ad them as negative keywords to an ad group or campaign.  Negative keyword lists are useful because you can then associate these with whatever campaigns are appropriate and can be used with new campaigns as you make them.  By using negative keywords it will limit when your ads appear and this will help keep your ads only visible to your intended audience.